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It's time to end sexual harassment in the state legislature. You can help to make that happen!

LEGISLATION ALERT: HB 1000 and SB 480 work to address #MeToo issues in our state legislature, but more co-sponsors are needed.

The #MeToo Act at a glance:

-Bans the use of non-disclosure agreements which mask the names of Members of the General Assembly who are accused of harassment if the complaint is credible;

-Requires that credibly accused members of the Legislature be held accountable to the taxpayers of Pennsylvania and require that they repay any settlements that were paid with taxpayer dollars;

-Requires that paid administrative leave, remote work assignments, and reimbursement for licensed professional counseling be offered to employees during the entire adjudication of the proceedings.

-Establishes procedures for keeping the investigatory, prosecutorial, and adjudicatory functions separate as required under Pennsylvania law;

-Establishes a new section of procedures for promulgating temporary regulations to facilitate the prompt implementation of this new section;

-Combines settlement provisions with provisions relating to the source of payment, the personal liability of elected officials, and the payment of awards

Want to get involved?

Make sure to sign our petition, and you can use this handy tool to call your legislator’s office directly. If you would be interested in leading a legislative visit to your representative or senator, reach out to